# WLAN Controller

„A big responsibility he has.“
At a strategic points he works, often in secret he is virtualized. But without him the chaos would reign. Tactical thinking and great wisdom helped the #WLANCONTROLLER to his position in our troops.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

„A small JEDI troop in Halle (Westphalia) has mastered the invisible Force for many years.“

The brave #WLANJEDI have joined the resistance and resolutely face all obstacles they encounter on their way. The Force is strong in these ones. They are able to get things moving as if by magic: from lifts in skyscrapers to cable cars in the Alps to driverless transport systems. But that's not all: The WLANJEDI can also control the invisible Force and make it visible. Complex methods and procedures they use: #WLANSITESURVEY and spectral analysis. The bold #WLANJEDI record the results in logs and keep them for posterity.

  • Antenne
  • WiFi
  • Guter Empfang

# WLAN Padawan

„Much to learn, I still have.“

Chosen the right side, our #WLANPADAWAN has. Always accompany one of our #WLANJEDI, he will. A 3-year apprenticeship, he must complete until he learns, the invisible Force to master.


# WLAN Jedi

„Never forget, you must: Your WLAN determines your success.“

Ignorance and chaos are alien to our #WLANJEDI. Thousands of hours they have spent learning to control the invisible Force. Discipline, knowledge and Force are the pillars of their actions.

# WLAN Resistance

„The smaller troop we are. But bigger in #WLANSPIRIT.“

Resist we do, the most adverse circumstances we face - and always the dark side of poorly-planned Wi-Fi networks we defy. In team spirit we are strong. The dark side of badly-planned Wi-Fi networks very well we know. Fight against it with spectral analysis and great wisdom we will. All too well we know the #WLANIMPERIUM fight back it will.

# WLAN Tremor

„A tremor of power we feel when there is too much interference.“

To be felt by only a few, the magical field that surrounds the Force. Is the Force strong, a tremor can be felt. The Force visible, make it we can. Often too many interferences we find. Yet solve the problem we will.


"Ignorance is the path to the dark side. Ignorance leads to poorly-planned WLAN, poorly-planned WLAN leads to interruptions and that, in turn, causes high costs. High costs make the controller unhappy."

Do it or don't do it.
There is no trying.
Talk to us, you must.